Frequently Asked Questions

How do I bring my rifles into South Africa?
Please see the Firearms page.

Do I need a permit for guns and ammunition?
Please see the Firearms page.

Do I need a visa to visit South Africa?
No, only a passport is required

What can my spouse do if she comes along?
Your wife can join us in the field or be taken on a personal tour of historic sights and other places of interest in adjacent towns. There is always much to see and do and game parks to visit.

How do I get my trophies home?
Please see the Trophy Exporting page.

How do I get to the hunting grounds?
You will be collected at the airport on arrival and returned to the airport on the last day. All travelling to hunting grounds is free of charge.

How do I pay for my hunt?
Usually a non refundable deposit is required with the balance due on departure. Payment can be via credit card or cash. US dollars, Euros, GB pounds or SA rand is acceptable.


Please tell us exactly what your expectations are in terms of trophy quality for each animal that is important to you. Some traveling may be required to get the desired size of trophy. Management hunts are for young males or female animals.

Rifle caliber depends upon what you are comfortable with. Anything from a .243 to a .300 Magnum will suffice for African plains game. Bring a rifle that you like to shoot, and practice with it out to 200 yards. Most shots will be between 50 and 250 yards.

If you are going to be pursuing any of Africa's larger animals or dangerous game use a .375 H&H caliber rifle or larger. Make sure you practice with it.

Bring along good quality hunting boots that are already broken in.

Be certain to disclose any food allergies, or strong preferences that you have. The team in Africa want you to be comfortable, they want to spoil you. Let them. Keep in mind that the hunting areas in Africa are usually many miles from the nearest store, so they need to plan meals ahead of time.

Please let us know of any physical limitations you may have. Africa can be demanding on the body.

Wear sun block of factor 30 or above.

Bring insect repellent. There are no problems with Malaria in South Africa but we will make you aware if anything specific is required.

Bring a jacket or a fleece as the early mornings and evenings can be cold.

Talk to your PH about tipping the lodge staff. Tips to the PH are at your discretion, we can advise on the general level.

Bring a good camera. The whole trip is about taking pictures.

Bring a Camcorders and remember the battery recharge equipment

Bring Binoculars.

Don't forget the adapter plug which are available at all International Airports.